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P.D. Lazarus & Co. is a professional consumer electronics sales representative firm specializing in high-quality A/V, lighting, and shades for both retail and custom installation channels in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. Our history in the territory drives exceptional results. Find out more.


 Fortress Seating

Whether your need is for traditional theater row-seating or a casual layout of sectionals and loungers, Fortress delivers the perfect solution.  With a large American-made assortment of styles and upholsteries to choose from, and accessories like motorized recline, built-in reading lights, USB ports, pocket arms, and storage compartments, homeowners can customize their seating to suit any space, taste and budget.

Severtson Screens


Severtson's new high contrast grey projection screen material, known as HCNC, is an innovative front projection screen surface designed to increase contrast levels in medium-to-high ambient light situations and for high output projectors. The high contrast grey screen’s exceptional uniformity dramatically increases black levels, shadow detail, and overall color saturation. With support for 4K and better resolutions, High Contrast Grey provides the viewer with the ultimate projected image quality at a more affordable cost relative to other ALR screens.

Avenue Theaters


Avenue theaters is a collection of curated home theater designs that can be adapted to a specific set of room parameters. The designs come with a comprehensive package of specifications that not only accommodate a given space, but also the chosen audio/video gear, acoustic treatments, and theater seating being supplied by the AV integrator and/or interior designer. This is a cost-effective way to elevate a home theater project to an extraordinary level of sophistication.


You don't have to hang a monstrous flat panel to enjoy a big cinematic picture. Whether resting on a piece of furniture or recessed in the ceiling, the SIM2 xTV projects an image from below or above an unobstructed wall enabling an uncluttered wall while displaying a big beautiful image.

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