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ArtScreen Transform a flat panel TV into a stylish piece of artwork. Choose from a wide selection of motorized art that descends to disguise a TV when not in use. Alternatively you can simply frame out the flat panel (no art) with a variety of frame styles and/or wood stains.

Fortess Seating Provider of quality seating for over 50 years, Fortress offers a wide selection of solutions for either dedicated theaters or multi-purpose rooms. Each order is made in the USA to meet a project's specific needs, style, fabric, color, and budget. Factory support througout the process is top notch.

Genelec The industry leader in active monitors for high performance theaters and 'you-are-there' live concert level audio. Nothing compares to Genelec active speaker systems. Whether the room is 2,000 or 20,000 square feet, Genelec can tailor an appropriate solution complete with crossovers, amplification and calibration.

Kinetics Noise Control, Inc. For over 50 years Kinetics has led the industry in noise control solutions and acoustical treatments for both commercial and residential applications. Weather it be room acoustics or soundproofing, Kinetics has a diversity of products and techniques that will enhance the performance of any environment.

Near Speakers A unique line of outdoor speakers that employ technologies ideally suited for withstanding the rigors of climate extremes while rendering uncommon musicality, linearity, and low distortion. Build elements include metal-alloy diaphagms, chemical resistant surrounds, and proprietary Magnetic Liquid Suspensions (no spiders). Available in 8-ohm or 70V, in-ground omnidirectional or bracketed.

Noble Fidelity In-wall and in-ceiling loudspeakers for those who appreciate musicality, attention to detail, and value. Not just for background music, Noble Fidelity loudspeakers are capable of rendering an octave-to-octave balance appropriate to both critical music listening and intelligible multi-channel cinema.

PowerShades Motorized shades that are easy to design, quote, order, install, and manage from a cloud-based dashboard. Power options include AC, hard-wired low voltage, rechargeable battery, solar, and PoE (power over ethernet). Easily tied in to control systems like Control 4, RTI, URC, or whatever the home is using.

SIM2 USA Inc. An extensive line of home theater projectors ranging in cost from $3500 to over $100,000 with premium performance at every level. SIM2 is dedicated to combining the highest quality imaging technology with Italian design to facilitate luxurious and transportive cinematic experiences.

VisionX Projection screens that offers unequaled craftsmanship, ingenuity and performance.

Vutec A leader in hi-performance projection screens -- front/rear, masking, fixed frame, retractable, curved -- with screen surfaces and price points to satisfy any requirement...all made in the USA.